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Our camp is situated about halfway between Kreuzlingen/Constance and Romanshorn.

By car/motorcycle:

In junctions, choose the road nearest to the lake. About halfway between the villages of Güttingen and Landschlacht (some 2 km), turn off towards the lake and the railway station of Altnau. At the railway station, turn your head towards the left, and there we are!

By train:

Railway station of Altnau. We are ideally situated for tourists travelling by train. The camp entry is a stone's throw away from the station. There are trains in both directions every 30 minutes, making connection at Romanshorn/Rorschach or at Kreuzlingen/Constance respectively. Come to the reception desk and get a handcart for your luggage!

By Ship (Bodensee-Kursschiff-Flotte)

Riding on a bicycle:

The cycle path runs beside the railway track. Cross the railway track at the railway station of Altnau and look to your left: you simply cannot miss the camp entry!

Travelling on foot:

About halfway between Kreuzlingen/Constance and Romanshorn, the foot-path beside the border of the lake will take you directly to our restaurant (Restaurant zum "Schiff"). There you turn off and walk some 100 yards uphill towards the railway station of Altnau: you will find the camp entry on the right handside of the road.


9°15' 46.80''E = 9.2630° E
47° 37' 25.32'' N = 47.6237° N